A d v i c e

With airfreight, volume or bulk is expensive.

Don’t pay to send fresh air, so fill your boxes tightly.

Don’t send foodstuffs unless you must. If they perish you have NO CLAIM on anyone, and they are often restricted imports.

With seafreight, a minimum applies of 1 cubic metre to most destinations, so send up to that amount at no extra cost.

A shoebox costs as much as 5 suitcases!!

Avoid putting all your heavy items in 1 carton.

Mix heavy with light items to make boxes easier to handle.

Tape all cardboard boxes well, top and bottom.

Don’t use thin/poor quality packagings (eg striped bags).

Avoid sending any liquids. Any leakage will have very damaging consequences.

Ensure all items are labeled with AT LEAST a name and destination (eg. SMITH/LONDON, HASEGAWA/TOKYO and so on)

Do a good list of contents as you pack and number each carton (1 of 8, 2 of 8 and so on).

The list can summarise.. (books/clothes/tools etc) so we don’t need authors, titles, etc and quantity of nails etc!!

If we are picking up for you.. please ensure you provide full details of your location. (eg 7th floor of high rise apartment block with no lift… calls for special treatment!!)

Items needing a 2 man lift.. we need to know about, as we usually send only 1 man!!

Fragile items should be clearly marked, as should items needing this way up or top stow treatment.

If you want full insurance cover.. check the internet. This is where the best deals are… under “MARINE INSURANCE”..