Easy Baggage is a specialised personal effects service providing discounted and wholesale freight rates using all the major air and shipping lines. We can price your shipment on both modes to assist you in determining the best option to suit your needs and budget.
Depending on the quantity you are sending and destination, costs are calculated on a per kilogram basis (weight or volume) for airfreight and on a per cubic metre or tonne basis for seafreight, whichever is higher. There are minimum charges to all destinations applicable. Call us for a no obligation quote on your specific shipment.
As well as the basic freight cost, there are ancillary costs such as documentation, fuel and security surcharges and carrier fees to allow for. These are all prepaid charges. We can quote all these for you at the time of inquiry. Additionally there are also charges to pay at your destination which are not prepaid and vary greatly from country to country. We always try and give a reasonable estimate of these.
Yes, we have a collection services available within the north island. Call us to discuss your specific needs as we do require precise locality information from you, such as if you are in flats, on a back section, difficult access or a high rise with no lift. Precise pickup times ARE NOT usually possible and a pickup fee applies.
Yes, but we don’t offer this service. Why? The costs of using an agent to clear customs (etc) and deliver to door will usually at least double the total overall cost of any shipment. If you have the time and means, such costs can be avoided and for this reason we market these services to port /airport only.
On arrival of the shipment, our agents at the destination contact you or the consignee provided to us to confirm arrival and advise on local procedures. These will include a customs and quarantine clearance formality at least. In some cases the shipment will be inspected by the authorities so have a packing list and passport information handy to speed the process. Local fees and handling charges will apply and must be paid prior to collection of the goods. Always supply a contact phone number and email address whenever possible.
We ask you to complete a shipping instruction form and provide an itemised packing declaration in all cases. Additionally, a photocopy of your passport must be sent with the goods also. With the USA a full contact street address and phone number is required (no PO.Box/hotel addresses).
Do not include any hazardous goods, liquids, weapons or restricted goods of any kind. Examples include aerosols, lighters and perfumes. These will cause delays and major problems if uncovered by scan or xray. Avoid any goods which might cause a quarantine risk and ensure tools or bicycles are cleaned thoroughly. If in doubt about any item please ask us or ring the consulate of the country of destination.
We accept any good stong cardboard box, well taped, for air and seafreight. Of course suitcases, backpacks, crates and trunks are also acceptable, but remember not to overfill any item so that you can’t lift it or so that it might split in transit. Also avoid untreated timber packaging or old tea chests which will attract quarantine attention and additional fees at the destination. We sell a range of cartons suitable for this purpose.
We recommend all pieces clearly show the consignee’s name and address and a number (eg 1 of 8, 2 of 8 etc). DO NOT LIST contents on the outside of cartons etc. We can provide tape and labels as well as a palletising and shrink wrapping service where required.

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